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Sarah Edwards BSc (Hons). Dip. Couns. (Clinical Supervisor)

Witheridge, near Tiverton, Devon & Online

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About Counselling
If you are suffering from anxiety and or depression, it can extremely difficult to share your thoughts, feelings, concerns and worries with another person, especially someone who you have never met before. However, by actually saying 'out loud' how you feel, can sometimes be the first time that you have been really 'heard' by yourself........... and I can assure you that you will be 'heard' by me.

The process and success of counselling and talking therapy is based on the quality of our relationship, built on mutual trust and respect. Together we will explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences. These may be blocking your ability to move forward. This can help you to understand the reasons for the confusion, worries and distress. This can also help you to understand your present and your past. We can discuss using different strategies to enable you to move towards a more positive, rewarding and fulfilled way of being.

Once you have taken that first huge step to contact me, we will arrange to meet for an initial appointment. Our first meeting will last for 45 minutes. During this time I will let you know how the counselling process works and what I can offer you as my client. This time is also for you to share with me your reasons for seeking counselling, your hopes and goals. You will be able to decide if I am the counsellor you wish to work with. Hopefully we will then make plans to meet up on a regular basis for hourly appointments .

I aim to build your trust by putting you at ease, being warm, open, caring, compassionate, honest and non-judgemental. I offer you a safe space to be heard, where our time together will be confidential.

I welcome people of any age, gender, sexual orientation, culture or religion. There are no barriers to the potential of our journey together.

You will not be alone, together we can explore the feelings and concerns that are blocking your ability to move forward. This will help you to understand your present and your past, enabling you to lead a more fulfilled and happier future.

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Types of Counselling I offer

I have been trained from an Integrative perspective, encompassing techniques from CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which helps you to find different ways of thinking about situations and feelings by changing present patterns of thoughts and behaviour. This works by challenging the negative thoughts that you have been perpetually having which have been causing you distress and holding you back. Once, challenged, positive thoughts are put in their place, allowing you to move forward.

(Person Centred Therapy), which encourages the client to direct the flow and content of the sessions, being the expert of their own life experience. Together we will work through any concerns, worries, anxieties that have been holding you back and causing confusion.

(Psychodynamic and Transactional Analysis), these techniques help to explore past experiences and relationships. Our present life is often shaped by the experiences we have had as a child. We have learned to be a certain way, which can sometimes be detrimental to our present life. Together we can discover why and what has been holding you back and find new positive ways of being.

I also offer Sand Tray Therapy, which is a unique means of communication and exploration and can be used when it is difficult to express how you are feeling. I also offer the use of emotion stones and other art- based therapy.

We will work at a pace that is comfortable for you. You are unique, and therefore our therapeutic relationship will develop to meet your needs.

The counselling process is all about the quality of the relationship between myself and my client. I am here to listen to you. By making this huge decision you are allowing yourself to be heard. You have made the first important positive step forwards to a more fulfilled and happier future.

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